Make your child's first educational experience an adventure that lasts a lifetime
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Over The Rainbow Day Care and Nursery School in Montclair, NJ

Educational Programs

Our educational programs offer creative ways for children to explore their world, expand their vision, enhance their self esteem and develop their own creative self.

We are guided by our belief that every child has the right to expect the security, nurturing, acceptance and encouragement necessary to blossom into happy, self-fulfilled individuals. We are dedicated to providing such a setting for the children in our programs. We have taken what we believe to be the best from theories, practices and our own experiences and combined them to produce our very own Over the Rainbow Early Education Program. This program is aimed at providing a daily atmosphere that encourages a positive self-image, individual self-worth, active involvement with the environment and growth in the areas of physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Each child is encouraged to interact with teachers and peers alike and look to either for advice, help or cooperation. Most of all we show a great respect for the individualís unique personality and style of being in the world by providing a supportive environment which encourages self-expression, creative thinking, free choice and a problem-solving approach to learning.

Click here for more info on our Special Programs: Famous Artists, NWF School Habitat, Sharing Language, and Music Everywhere.

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